About Us

What is Stoozing.com?

The term Stoozing came from a way of making money by treating 0% introductory rates on credit cards as interest free loans. The money that the stoozer borrows from the credit card issuer is invested in high interest savings accounts and the interest gained becomes the stoozer's profit. Stoozing contains comparison tables and calculators to help with credit cards and information on how to reduce interest costs or benefit from owning a card such as getting cashback.

What is our aim?

Our aim is to be the online one-stop-shop for any information on Credit cards: the place you come to in order to get up to date and unbiased information on credit cards. The site is, and will always be, free to use.

We do not see stoozing as about getting your own back on the credit card companies (although some of our users like to see it that way!). It is simply about being smart enough to exploit financial offers in an entirely legitimate and fun way. As well as credit card stoozing, we are also happy to discuss and develop content for any other legal techniques for exploiting financial offers.

Who are we?

Stoozing.com is owned and run by Stooz and Clariman: two individuals who have been stoozing for many years and who have participated in online financial discussion forums for even longer. Through the joys of modern technology we have been able to do this without ever meeting face to face.

Why do we call this "The Official Stoozing Website"?

Simply because it is! As you may have guessed by now, the technique of stoozing was named after Stooz himself. He does not claim to have invented the technique, but he was one of the very first people to recognise that money could be made from 0% introductory rates on credit cards, way back in 1999. Clariman's claim to fame is that he wrote the first comprehensive and definitive guide to stoozing, which is still the "How to Make Money from Credit Cards FAQ" on The Motley Fool website and which formed the basis for much of the early content on this site

This site has also been mentioned in the weekly Times Online Money Bulletin which said

"Make money from your credit cards" Be smart and make money on your credit card. Virgin Money may have been the latest credit card issuer to enforce a 2 per cent transfer fee but there are still offers out there that let you transfer money on to a 0 per cent deal without a charge... If you want to find out more about the latest interest-free credit card offers, along with cashback and low flat-rate deals, visit stoozing.com for the latest tips" Times Online 7th September 2005

What role do Advertisements play?

The advertisements cover the cost of running the site. They do not affect the content of what we write.

If you would like to advertise your products across the site, on the home page or on the forum, please contact us at stooz [at] stoozing.com